Committed to a Sustainable Future

Our Recycling + Program at Blayo embodies our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We believe in creating high quality products while minimizing our impact on the environment. With Recyclage +, we are committed to giving a second life to materials and reducing our ecological footprint.

As part of our commitment to a sustainable future, we recover and recycle excess or unused materials from our production processes. In this way, we reduce waste and contribute to the preservation of natural resources.

Our Process

Once collected, the materials are carefully sorted and selected for reuse in the manufacture of new products or transformed into recycled materials. This process allows us to reduce our dependence on virgin raw materials and contribute to the circularity of the economy.

How to participate

Would you like to get involved in our Recycling + Program? It’s simple ! You can help us by donating your old leather products or recyclable materials. Together, let’s work to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Join us in our commitment to a better world with Recyclage +.

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