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Welcome to the Blayo community, where passion for leather goods meets and flourishes. Whether you are an established maker, a passionate hobbyist, or simply an admirer of quality craftsmanship, you are welcome here. Together, we celebrate creativity, innovation and artisanal know-how.


Our Community

Immerse yourself in a world of sharing and inspiration where members of the Blayo community exchange ideas, advice and their love for leather goods. Whether on our social networks, during special events or within our dedicated online space, the Blayo community is a meeting place for creative minds.

How to Join Us

It’s easy ! Join us on our social networks, subscribe to our newsletter or participate in our community events. Whatever your level of experience or involvement, there is a place for you in the Blayo community. Together, let’s create, inspire and celebrate our passion for leather goods. Join us and let’s be Blayo!


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