Discover the Leather Goods Training Center at L’Atelier Blayo

In our leather goods training center, we open the doors to the world of craftsmanship and creation. Whether you are a budding leatherwork enthusiast or a professional looking to perfect your skills, our center offers a full range of courses and workshops to suit.


1. Explore the Art of Leathercraft

Our courses are designed to introduce you to all facets of leathercraft, from basic techniques like cutting leather and assembling pieces, to advanced skills like precision stitching and expert finishing. Whether you aspire to create stylish handbags, personalized wallets, or other leather accessories, our programs will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete your projects.

2. Practical Workshops to Practice Your Skills

In addition to our theoretical courses, our practical workshops provide an immersive experience where you can put into practice what you have learned under the supervision of our experienced instructors. Working with authentic leather and professional tools will allow you to perfect your techniques and develop your confidence as a leatherworker.

Join a Community of Passionate Creators

As a participant in our training center, you will be part of a dynamic community of leather goods enthusiasts. You will have the opportunity to share ideas, exchange advice and collaborate with other artisans, which will enrich your learning experience and inspire you in your future projects.

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